Clear skin shows your inner beauty

Looking after your skin (actually your largest organ) is probably the most important of your daily activities.  It’s not just about using the right shower gel or moisturiser.  We need to nurture our skin by drinking the right amount (of water and wine!), eating the right foods and doing appropriate exercises that can cleanse and detoxify.  Getting in touch with our skin is a great way to reacquaint yourself with your natural beauty so that your inner health shows with your glowing skin.

Our faces tell so much – and the eyes are said to be the windows of our soul!  Stress and worry can show themselves as  lines and embarrassment or anger may cause your cheeks to flush.  So it is no surprise that an imbalance of nutrition or crazy lifestyle will, at some point, reveal itself in your face.

So what is the secret of a supple, glowing, unblemished face?

Besides a healthy diet, lots of fresh air (don’t forget the sun cream) I would say that, if your health allows, inversions are a great way to boost the blood supply to your face.  Inversions – what am I on about?  A simple forward bend or downward dog, held for 3 to 5 breaths constitutes an inversion.  These postures alter the cardiovascular flow – encouraging more blood into the upper part of the torso and head.  (Do not attempt this though, if you have high blood pressure or eye problems.)

Sweating is great too – this encourages the pores to open and flush out the toxins.  Saunas or building up a sweat when exercising, dancing or doing yoga.

Finally – rest and relaxation.  There is nothing better than a good night’s sleep to give you a radiant complexion.  Relaxation exercises can help when taken on a regular basis – reducing the lines around the eyes and easing out any furrowed brows.

In my classes I try to incorporate all 3 of the above suggestions – as I believe a healthy complexion is  a great sign that all is well underneath and vice versa.




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