You are a being of unbounded potential – Smile & Shine!

Sit with a posture that reflects your intention,
Which is to align with the true, abundant nature of life.
Inhale and grow taller.
Exhale and soften to feel beyond your skin.
Inhale to brighten on the inside,
Shine your awareness into your whole being.
Exhale and let go of any limiting ideas.
Continue with your breath until you feel luminous:
Breathe in fullness,
Breathe out what is not serving you.
Blow away the dust on the mirror of the heart
So that you may shine even more brightly.
Open to the truth of Who You Are.

You are imperfectly perfect exactly as you are.
You are a being of unbounded potential.
You are worthy to enjoy all the wonders of life.

Grace wants us to wake up!
The universe offers us abundance in every moment.
Choose to accept the gifts that are rightly yours:

Love, joy, peace, beauty, health, wealth, happiness…

Published by yogadeb

Yoga teacher in Stamford, UK, and online

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