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I was at a retreat over the weekend (Dec 1-2nd) with some very special yoga teachers called ‘Swamis’.  It was a wonderful 48 hour immersion into deep yoga practices.  The focus of our work was the Chakras – energy centres which the ancient yogis sensed within the body that correspond uncannily to the endocrine system.  (How did they know that all those thousands of years ago?) 


Swami Shraddhamurti (pictured with me above) and Swami Chetanmurti (pictured below) led the course.  It was an experiential course to deepen our understanding and awareness of the Chakras – showing how they influence our lives.  The yoga techniques were traditional Satyananda  – both Swamis having been initiated into Sannyasa (a person who dedicates their life to yoga) in 1982 by Swami Satyananda in the Munger Ashram in India.

“Awakening the Chakras should be related to our day to day life…  When the Chakras are awakened the mind automatically changes.  Your values in life also change and the quality of your love and relationships improve immensely, enabling you to balance our the frustrations and disappointments in life.  Then you are able to live a little higher than you do now, and your attitude towards yourself and towards this life is much better…  As far as I can see, true contentment can only be gained by systematic awakening of the Chakras.”  Swami Satyananda Saraswati

Our venue was the beautiful Wortley Hall near Sheffield.  We were very well catered for and looked after by the staff at the hall and the organisers of the course – Sheffield Yoga School.


Swami Shraddhamurti and Swami Chetanmurti run the Galway Yoga Centre in Ireland.  They run yoga days, weekend and longer courses to enable people to go deeper into the practices of yoga, breathing and meditation.  I certainly hope to get over there one day.


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