Is your posture effecting your nerves?

In the last week of term we looked at how our posture effects the alignment of the spine and it’s effect on the nervous system.

As the nerves travel through the spine – down the central cavity and in between the vertebrae – it stands to reason that any misalignment due to injury or bad posture will have and effect on your body and mind.

nerves of the spine

We found the “Cauda Equina” (horses tail) – the fan of nerves coming from the bottom of the spinal cord fascinating!

If you want to read more about what goes on inside you… try Spine Universe where you can watch their short video.

Below is the chart I showed which indicated problems and their possible sources if nerves become pressured by the spine…


You can find another version here

This is only meant to high-light how important posture and alignment are in our lives – not for self diagnoses or to worry you.

Stretching out the spine in the 6 main directions, as we do in yoga, and awareness of good posture should enable all of us to move with grace and live in peace – free from limitations of pain.


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