Feeling Exhausted?

Yoga teaches us that if we feel exhausted or simply the idea of something makes us feel exhausted, it is a sign that we have depleted our energy or ‘prana’.  Make time for yourself to recharge your batteries, to rebuild your strength and refill your reserves.  Some time out disengaged from the world will enable you to face all challenges with fresh energy, renewed strength and a far more positive mindset.


Try this exercise for bring more ‘prana’ on board…

Sit with a beautifully, with your hands on your thighs.
On an inhale, brighten from the inside.

Grow tall and lift your heart.

Let your shoulders rise on your breath,
then move your shoulder blades toward each other on your back.
Take a few breaths to feel the whole of your body.

Let the shoulders relax now.

Keeping your heart lifted and your shoulders back,
Place your hands together in front of your heart.
Take a breath in and out to feel the internal balancing effect of this gesture.

On the next inhale, slowly lift your hands up toward the sky.
Gently and comfortably, lift your chin to open your throat.
Keep your heart lifted and your shoulders back the whole time.
Exhale, and float your hands and head back down to the start position.

Let your breath initiate the movement, repeating this a few more times.
Each inhale lifts your arms, each exhale lowering them,
With the breath leading the way.

Feel energized by this simple movement inviting energy from your surroundings to fill up your tanks.

Thanks to Katrina www.YogaForDragonRiders.com for her inspiration in creating this post.

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Yoga teacher in Stamford, UK, and online

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