Unblocking Vital Energy – Swami Vishnudevananda

The increase of energy or prana is a main motivation for the practice of asanas (posture work).  While you hold a posture, pressure builds up in certain areas of the body which are physical counterparts of major meridian crossing points.  Whether it is a pressure between the body and the mat, pressure on joins or gentle muscle stretch pain, watch carefully what happens when this pressure is released as you slowly come out of an asana.  While you spend some time lying in Savasana, relaxing before starting the next posture, you can positively experience an increase in energy concentration.

This is more than just having a more detailed body awareness.  When you let go of the body, giving up the resistance of the pull of gravity, you can experience a feeling of lightness, a magnetic flow of energy from the feet up to the head.  It is different and independent of the motor and sensory nerve impulses travelling to and from your muscles.  The energy or prana currents are specific for each asana.  Once you have learned to identify them during relaxation after the asana you can start focusing on them even while holding the pose.  With time you learn how long you need to hold an asana, simply by focusing on these energy movements.  Once the energy is unblocked, you can leave the pose, relax for a while and then carry on with the next asana.  In order to reap the energetic benefits of the asanas, it is recommended to remain in one system of practice.

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