Relaxation to help digestion

Our digestive system works best when the body is stress – free!



This week’s classes will focus on how stress effects the body and how relaxing helps digestion.  I’m using a version of the basic relaxation sequence from Jenny Sutcliffe’s “Complete book of Relaxation Techniques”.  This is a great book to have at home to help you relax and unwind what ever the problem.  It looks at stress and it’s effects throughout the different stages of our lives and then has a handy guide of how to deal with various kinds of stress – ‘worry & fuss’, ‘insomnia & fatigue’ or ‘digestive problems’ for example.

Links have been found between the build up of  stress hormones (cortisol) in the body and serious illness – so it’s well worth finding out about how you deal with stress and which methods help you best to unwind.

Second hand copies are available on amazon for as little as £1.97!!

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