Cat Stretch Pose

Majari-asana, the cat stretch pose, is great for freeing the spine and the breath…

Begin on all fours – creating a lovely box – with the hands spread directly underneath the shoulders and the knees apart underneath the hips. Breath deep into the abdomen allowing the tummy to expand and then pull it in when you breathe out.  You will notice how the spine wants to move naturally down as the tummy fills up and then the spine moves up as you contract the tummy and squish all the air out.  Don’t worry if the movement is small – just keep with the breath and do about 5 rounds then relax taking the bottom toward the knees and the forehead towards the floor.

These pictures show an exaggerated movement – but you don’t have to go this far to get a lot of benefit from this exercise.

majari - in   Breathing in

majari - out  Breathing out

If your wrists hurt then you can make fists with the hands.

If you have a blood pressure issue, when you sink back to relax place the head onto your fists – so that the head doesn’t go below the heart.


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