Balance and Flow

Try this flowing balance sequence to bring about a state of quite, stillness in the mind.


Get your balance on 2 feet first.  Sense that the crown of the head is lifting toward the ceiling, shoulders relaxed and hips neutral.

Lift up one foot and press the heel into the inner calf or thigh – avoiding the ankle or knee.

Press palms together at the heart and then inhale and lift them over the head.  Focus softly on a point ahead of you and breathe in the posture – inhaling energy from the ground and up the strong standing leg, muscles sucked onto the bones.  Exhaling, allowing the shoulders to ease down the back and softening the face.  Retain the posture for up to 10 breaths.

Practice the posture on the other leg for the same amount of breaths.

If balance evades you… please practice next to a wall or chair for support and use one hand to hold the support while the other is held up in the air  – alternatively, get a friend to hold around your waist!

Practicing balances helps to develop concentration.  This posture also opens the hips and strengthens the legs and arms



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Yoga teacher in Stamford, UK, and online

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