I stumbled upon a new (to me) book in the summer – PAIN FREE by PETE EGOSCUE.

He claims to have “A revolutionary method for stopping chronic pain.”  And by jove, do you know, I think he may have.  Of course, many of the moves you will be familiar with as they are yoga postures – but I do like his explanatory format – giving you the ‘why it hurts’ and treating the reader with a bit of common sense.  The book is full of case studies, anatomy and – best of all exercise routines to cure bad backs, knees and necks.   Here’s a little excerpt…

“Foot Strike

Any pattern of foot strike that deviates from the heel-ball-toe is a symptom of dysfunction in the load-bearing joints.  The structures of the foot are not designed to handle alternatives.  Special shoes or inserts may make the feet seem more comfortable, but they do nothing about the continued stress in the ankles, knees and hips.”

Direct and no nonsense!  I like it.



You can get a copy from Amazon for about £6 – well worth a read!

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