Hridaya Kasha – The Cave of The Heart

This half term in our general classes we will be focusing on the ‘Heart’.  All aspects will be looked at – from the anatomy and physical function – by way of our invigorating vinyasa (flow of postures), and the emotional and psychological aspects via short meditations.

The ancient yogis call the heart space the ‘Hridaya Kasha’ – which means the ‘cave of the heart’.  They thought that this was the home of our true self.  Within the cave is a light like a candle flame and the idea is that the flame burns without motion – no flickering – when we are at peace, living a life in harmony with our own true nature.

This is a thought provoking idea….  at times we all feel that we do things that are not what we really want to do (eg ironing!).  How easy is it to live and act from the heart????

Namaste, the Sanskrit greeting, literally means “the light that is within me respects and honours the light that is within you” – this is the light living in your heart space – the Hridaya Kasha.

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