Team Up for Success…

friends poseWithout a doubt the easiest part of keeping fit is the decision to do it. Beyond that some begin enthusiastically, some mean to but never get round to it and others find a friend to help motivate them.

Teamwork strengthens resolve and builds momentum by pooling struggles and raising spirits when it feels as if you’re not getting to where you want to be. There are plenty of life coaches and wellness experts to testify a simple fact: there’s no better route to well-being than friendship. That’s beside the practical benefits of lift sharing, reminding each other and having a good old laugh!

Be kind to yourself and your friend – well-ness is the most liberating gift you can give to yourself and your mate but it’s easy to be critical. In the first stages of unpicking the bad habits and knitting together the good, it’s likely that there will be a few wobbles. That’s the time when, as a friend, you can be vital in aiding her gently back to the path and support her towards her goals.

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