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yoga nidra

Yoga Nidra means yogic sleep.  This is a form of relaxation/meditation that takes you to a deep, healing place where the body and mind can be truly relaxed and yet still conscious.

We usually lie in Shavasana on our backs and cover the body as during the process the body temperature falls.   The practice varies slightly from tradition to tradition and teacher to teacher. My teaching comes from 10 years practice with my teacher where I found it a brilliant way to really unwind and let go of all tensions in my mind.   Within the scope of a 90 minute yoga class we have limited time – a 15 minute relaxation is a simplified version of the full practice but this is often sufficient for profoundly relaxion.  If you would like to develop your practice further I recommend CD1 from Swami Pragyamurti’s set.

You can buy Swami Pragyamurti’s CD’s at yogamatters – these CD’s are a tremendous resource – so clear and easy to understand.  I must emphasise that you should work through the CD’s in order.  This is a profound practice that can really be a life-changing experience.

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