Spring Clean Your Mind

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Now that the days are getting longer than the nights, we really feel as if ‘spring is in the air’. The increasing angle of the sun and (hopefully)it’s shining rays show up all the dust and grime on our windows and homes….
In the same way we can look at our minds – they become dull with the clutter of memories and beliefs that we are holding on to. This is what we call attachment in yoga. We tend to hang on to old situations or ideas in our minds, when in reality time has moved on and things have changed. And continually change. For as the Greek philosopher Heraclitus famously said – You cannot step into the same river twice.
Just like our homes we need to give the mind a clear out and get rid of some of the stuff we no longer need. Why not try a short meditation to help this process?
Sit quietly with the spine upright and simply allow your mind to spring clean itself. Close your eyes and bring yourself to stillness. Take pleasure in being in this moment. As a thought pops up, give it space. Try to be an objective observer of it. Consider if it is useful – if it is store it for later and if it is not, wish it well and let it go. Visualise the words of the thought leaving your head. Return the mind once more to now. Allow yourself 5 minutes or so and keep bringing your mind back to the here and now – regardless of how many thoughts keep coming along. When you feel ready, open your eyes and smile to the world – feel lighter for all the things you have leg go and are no longer carrying around.
The Buddha said “Learn to let go, that is the key to happiness.”

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