Why not practice a little yoga at home?  This asana makes a great morning wake up exercise.

Come onto the floor on all 4s. Ensure you support your hips by having the knees slightly apart and the thighs vertical.  Support the shoulders in a similar way by placing the hands underneath or very slightly in front of the shoulders.

majari - in  Breathe in to first position – allowing the tummy to come down.

majari - out  As you breathe out contract the tummy, pushing navel up to the spine.

Follow the rhythm of your breath – breathing in allow the abdomen to lower and exhaling squeeze the navel to the spine. Allow the inhale to finish completely before beginning the exhale. Do 5 slow rounds.

Improves flexibility of the whole spine
Strengthens wrists, arms and shoulders
Develops breath awareness and capacity
Avoid straining the wrist – use fists + do little & often
Place padding under knees if they are uncomfortable
Don’t take the head back until you are confident in your neck
Work with ujjayi breath
Add mulabandha at the end of the exhale

Enjoy the asana – do not strain – relax into Shashankasana when you feel ready!

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Yoga teacher in Stamford, UK, and online

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