Overcoming Obstacles

Whatever we do in life there will always be obstacles – no path is free from stones which either get in our shoes or we have to get over some how.

Ganesh is a symbol of this – you can reflect on his image and bring to mind the simple fact that there will always be obstacles to challenge us.

It’s also good to think that we have a little friend to help us along the journey…


I thought this was a lovely poem – I found it at http://userwebs.theriver.com/innerguide/Ganesh.html.

For the divine Ganesh who removes every obstacle
There is no problem too big to tackle.
Lord Ganesh listens to men’s prayers for knowledge
He enlightens the minds discarding their excess baggage.
Siva’s son wears an elephant’s head as disguise
He sharpens the meditation of the spiritually wise.
The trunk of Ganesh blows the Aum sound
Dancing within the heart until God is found.
Ganesh is the lord with the swinging trunk
His blessings reach both the householder and monk.
Ganesh is the god with the huge ears
So that every prayer of distress he hears.
Ganesh is the deity with the large belly
He contains everything as if it were jelly.
Ganesh is the king who makes obstacles dissolve
His wisdom tests man with challenges to solve.
Ganesh teaches man how to solve every problem
His help becomes like a wish fulfilling gem.
Those in trouble turn to him in prayer
Finally man finds a god who will care.
The elephant headed god is easy to reach
Devotion opens man for what he will teach.
Ganesh shows seekers how to hear Aum’s sound
He reveals within how eternal bliss is found.


Published by yogadeb

Yoga teacher in Stamford, UK, and online

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