Yoga to Beat the Blues

Although the sun is out and the flip-flops are flapping, this can be a time of year when things can get on top of us and we can feel just a little bit ‘down’.

The pollen count has been extraordinarily high which brings on the misery of hay fever and sinusitis.  Exams for school kids just keep coming wave after wave with all the stress and angst they bring.  And then when they’re over there is a feeling of ‘nothing’; total exhaustion, a weird void before life gets back to normality.  Also with holidays coming up – these are a mixed blessing – depending on who’s doing the packing! And of course you have to get everything up to date before you go and then deal with the backlog when you get back….

padmasana      Twist

Time to get your yoga mat out!

When feeling this way why not get the mat out sit in your favourite position and simply stop and think for a moment.  This is a short meditation which puts some perspective on any situation…

Take your mind off to think of all the yogis who have sat in this posture before.  Imagine ancient sages in the forests of India or Egyptians in great buildings rising up from the desert.  Feel a sense of belonging, a sense of longevity – thousands of people have practiced this pose before you and thousands will practice it in the future. You are a part of a wonderful chain.  Trust in the teachings of yoga – for it to have survived such a long time there must be magnificent benefits to the practice.  Sense now your breath as it flows through you, as it would have flowed through our forebears.  Stay with these thoughts for a few minutes.

Be grateful to your teachers who have helped illuminate your yoga practice and be happy that although your light is a little dim at the moment you know that you will gain vibrancy from your practice and then be able to shine your light onto your friends and loved ones who may be also feeling a little glum at the moment.

You can finish with 3 OMs either out loud or in your head.

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