Hollow Body Meditation

yoga + sea

This is a great technique to dissolve accumulated stress and tension, for which I give thanks to a book called “The Fine Arts of Relaxation, Concentration and Meditation” by Joel and Michelle Levey.

Begin by sitting or lying with the spine in alignment; be comfortable, ensure you are warm enough and won’t be disturbed for a few minutes.
Bring your attention to your breath and imagine your are breathing into your head – your head is a spacious place devoid of any obstruction, a light and airy space. It can be helpful to see the breath as a luminous crystal mist coming in and completely filling the whole space in your head.
Move on now to your neck and throat, breathe in and see this area of your body filled with the same luminous mist. The space in your neck and throat free from any solidity or denseness. A light and airy space that allows sensations and vibrations to flow freely.
Allow this feeling of spaciousness to flow down to the chest, shoulders and out to the arms and hands. The fingers feeling hollow – the luminous mists of breath flowing in and out carrying sensations easily through your arms, shoulders, neck and head.
Breathing in and moving the awareness down through the torso, into the legs, feet and toes. As you exhale feel the streams of sensation flowing through the body – no knots or tension to get in the way – but the body light and airy, sensation and breath flowing freely.
Remain with these sensations, allow any thoughts, feelings or perceptions to arise and dissolve like bubbles in a stream. Feel the stream energise all parts of the body… if you find a part that seems closed, dense or the flow gets stuck, focus on this area and will it to relax, undo and melt.

Gradually, with practice you will be able to feel your hollow, relaxed body with just a few breaths – from the top of your head to the tip of your toes, completely open and free, unobstructed and radiant with an inner sense of wholeness and calmness. Om Shanti – peace to you.

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