Simple Office Meditation

Many people think of meditation as something performed in an awkward seated posture – back and hips aching – trying to get the mind to focus but it keeps being drawn away by thoughts or those aches. Meditation is really something that you are totally absorbed into.  If you have ever found yourself immersed in something and then looked at the time and thought “Wow! where did the time go” – that was a kind of meditation. It’s a feeling that you are free-wheeling or lost in another world. And you can’t do it when you are distracted by your body.

Try this short exercise – think of your lower ribs now, picture them… these images may help.

print-bird-cage   rib tree

Now take your hands and place them onto your waist – thumbs down and palms pressing onto the sides of your ribcage. In a moment you are going to close your eyes and take your awareness to the palms of your hands.  Simply feel what you can feel with your palms. When you have had enough open your eyes – you may or may not have become ‘lost inside yourself’. It’s not something you can force – only be there and enjoy.

Close your eyes now.  Become focused on your palms; absorbed and inquisitive.


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