Reuse, reduce and recycle this Christmas


More rubbish is generated at Christmas than at any other time of the year!  Can YOU help to reduce the amount that is sent for disposal by reducing, reusing and recycling???

Try these top tips to help reduce waste over the festive period…

  • Recycle! There are many items frequently used at Christmas which can go into your recycling …glass bottles and jars, drinks cartons, food and drinks cans, large biscuit and sweet tins and even the foil from the turkey.
  • Due to the glitter and foil within Christmas wrapping paper, unfortunately we cannot accept it in the recycling bin, but why not stash it away with the decorations and use it again next Christmas?  Alternatively use brown parcel paper to wrap your Christmas presents as this is fully recyclable.
  • All Christmas cards can be recycled or why not try cutting them up and creating your own cards next year.
  • As the green food and garden waste bin is now a 12-month service, if you have had a real Christmas tree on display, when you are finished with it you can chop it up and place it into your green bin. This way it will be composted and then used back on farmland.
  • For all of those new Christmas gadgets and toys, try and use re-useable batteries where possible.
  • Make sure that you know when your Christmas and New Year bin collections are by checking your 2014/15 calendar or check out the Rutland Recycling website

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