Core! What a Work Out!

do-yoga yoga workshop for the core

Last weekend I ran 2 workshops with a focus on the “core”.  These workshops are designed to take a more in depth investigation into a particular element of yoga.  They are suitable for beginners and those new to yoga, but also offer the experienced student a chance to develop a level of understanding that is not possible in the time we have in the usual weekly class. All students gained a great insight with some commenting that it was a “really amazing class again” and “it was a good balance of exercises, I really enjoyed it”.

Pictured above we see a student from the Wednesday morning class in Ryhall using her core to balance in the plank posture.  By using photographs and hands on adjustment she has familiarised herself with the correct alignment of the posture. This kind of attention to detail assists the development of proprioception – understanding where the body is and how it feels.  The student can then use this information to help their personal practice and their practice within the class environment.

During this workshop we looked at how the core muscles help the body to work – asking questions like ‘where is the core?’ and ‘what does it do?’. We had discussions about how the core muscles help us in our day to day lives and took particular notice of which asanas effected the core the most.

In the next workshop we’ll be investigating asana to develop healthy backs. This work will be of a gentle nature with plenty of relaxation exercises, as I think many back problems arise from tension. Easing the back muscles and joints has to be ‘easy’ and the development of deeper breathing can help with releasing tight muscle tissue in the back.

All workshops include a handy home practice guide for students to take away.  The idea being that, having learnt postures within the workshop, asana, pranayama and relaxation practices can then be continued at home.

If you are interested in coming along to one of the ‘Healthy Backs’ workshops, these will be held on March 7th in Ryhall (Saturday morning) and on March 8th in Preston (Sunday afternoon).  Please email me to book a place.

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