Spring – time to look and really see

Have you ever looked at something and thought ‘Well I’ve never noticed that before!’? Maybe you have driven past it a hundred times but only just noticed it.  It could be that the light has changed – a seasonal thing; it could be that what you notice has changed; or it could be that you just weren’t ready to see it because you had your mind on other things.

Spring time seems have come to Rutland bringing with it a new light – somehow the sun has changed it’s wattage and is lighting up our part of the world with a new brand brightness.  It’s time to look and really see things – blow off the dust and cobwebs that have settled over the winter time… how exciting!  Can you use this new illumination to discover a new world around you?  Or perhaps a new world within???

“People travel to wonder at the height of mountains, at the huge waves of the sea, at the long courses of rivers, at the vast compass of the ocean, at the circular motion of the stars; and they pass themselves without wondering.”

St Augustine

Meditation is a way of looking a little deeper at things outside of us and within us.  It can be very restorative, inspiring and calming – and you can do it anywhere where you can be still and there is some peace and quiet.

Try this short exercise:

Look at a bunch of daffodils – outside, inside or even a picture…

Allow your eyes to partially or fully close.  Imagine that you are a daffodil bulb buried beneath the soil.  Feel the darkness and the muddy soil all around you, above you and below you.  It is dark, but you are not disheartened because you can see a tiny piece of light and you know that with water and minerals from the soil you will slowly make your way to the surface. You are determined to try and slowly you begin to wriggle in the soil and make your way towards the surface….With each breath you take imagine your roots grow deeper into the soil and your stem begins to grow slowly. Suddenly pop! You are out above the surface your stem growing higher and higher all of the time and you growing taller and taller, you begin to reach up towards the warm sunshine that is shining down and now you can see all around you-the clouds, the blue skies, the other magnificent flowers.

Your daffodil bud begins to grow on the top of your stem and it expands out growing larger and larger, finally bursting into full bloom-a magnificent yellow flower…..

You stand beautifully above the soil and are not dirty from the mud beneath you-you hear passers by admire your beauty and at this moment you feel proud of your achievements… you are beautiful and talented.

Like the daffodil your role is to allow your talents shine out-to be determined in life so that you can exceed all expectation, give joy to all and be admired for the wonderful person that you are….

Take a moment to think about the gifts and talents that you have and bring to the world-the gifts and talents that make people happy, be it dance, football, being a good friend to someone, being good at a particular subject in school-remember everybody has a talent and must let it shine out so that others will appreciate and admire your beauty in the world.


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Yoga teacher in Stamford, UK, and online

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