Tasty Cauliflower Cheese Lasagne


This is such a fantastic invention, I’m surprised I haven’t thought about it before.  As most gardeners know vegetables are very like buses in that you don’t see anything for ages and then, all of a sudden, several come along all at once.  And that’s what it has been like with Cauliflowers recently for me.  So Cauliflower Cheese Lasagne was born and has become a firm favourite in our house.

Ingredients (serves 4)

3 chopped leeks

I lg prepared cauli or 2 sm

Cauliflower leaves (chopped) or half a bag of spinach

6 sheets dried lasagne

About 1 pt of cheese sauce (slightly more watery than usual)

Grated strong cheese


Par boil all veg seperately. Layer leeks in bottom of lasagne dish, top with 1/3 sauce and half lasagne sheets. Layer leaves, add 1/3 sauce and other half lasagne sheets. Top with cauli florets and rest of sauce. Scatter grated cheese over and bake at 180 degrees for 40 minutes.

Serve with bacon if liked or crunchy bread or salad. Yummy!





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