Just Breathe…

Just breathe

Strong or soft, wild or serene-

Wherever breath flows there is a song.

Hear in its whisper touching behind the face,

Singing in the throat,

Dancing spirals in the sanctuary of your heart.


In this practice of listening,

A moment may come when you just want to lie down.

This is a doorway – surrender.

Fall into the wide-open embrace of life.

You are the instrument breath is playing.


All the meditations you have ever loved

Are vibrating in this luxurious hum,

Continuing even in sleep and dreams.

This is your school. Just you and infinity.

The texture of the Self is untamed freedom.


Banter verse 32 from the Radiance Sutras translated by Lorin Roche

Published by yogadeb

Yoga teacher in Stamford and Rutland (UK) and online

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