blackberry and apple crumble

In today’s world of convenience and speed we can lose out on using our hands, fingers, arms and shoulders. By adding simple tasks into our daily routine we are not only preserving the mobility of many joints and muscles but are also slowing down the pace of information into our brains to ‘take a moment to smell the roses’. One such activity is the age old ‘rubbing in method’ used in pastry, crumbles and many other bakes. Taking time to make food is a way of nurturing yourself and your family – when I was growing up if a recipe turned out well, my mum always said that it was because ‘it was made with love’. In the yoga tradition food is considered as ‘prana’ or energy which the body takes on board for sustenance  and healing, pre-prepared food is considered to be ‘dead’ and containing little ‘prana’. Why not get in touch with the season and prepare a fresh and wholesome Apple and Blackberry Crumble? If you don’t have a family recipe you could try this one by Delia which contains almonds in the topping – yum yum!

Other ways in which you can utilise your hands …

play the piano

make bread

pick apples/blackberries

arrange some flowers


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