5 Top Tips for Sticking to a Home Practice

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Yoga is best practised on a regular basis. I think of it like cleaning your teeth – imagine if you only cleaned them once per week… how would they look (and smell) by day 6?  You can significantly improve your chances of sticking to a routine of daily yoga practice by…

1 Beginning after a break – ie a holiday or weekend away, new month or new year.

2 Making a physical schedule – writing it down as a chart or on your computer

3 Sticking to a ‘special time’ and a ‘special place’ – this helps to get you into a habit/routine

4 Follow a book, practice guide online (see my Home Practice page to watch and follow a video) or have individual guidance from a qualified teacher

5 Give yourself a treat each week to celebrate your sticking power and spend a few moments reflecting upon the good that you are doing for yourself.

If you would like further help or advice about a home yoga practice please don’t hesitate to email me.


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