Workshop – What is Pranayama?

Nadi sodhana

Well done to all who came along this morning despite the blustery wet and windy weather and took part in the ‘What is Pranayama?’ workshop.

We spent time learning about the journey of our breath and understanding that the foundations of pranayama – or pre-pranayama really have to be laid before we can begin the feel that fabulous effects of the practices themselves.

That said all were inspired to learn about the Nadi Shodhana practice (alternate nostril breathing) and there were some very balanced and peaceful faces leaving the room at the end of the morning.

“That was a real treat.” said Hazel

“Thanks for a wonderful morning.” said Robyn

It’s my pleasure, as always, to introduce and remind students, new and old to these ancient and yet so very needed practices in this day and age.

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