All I want for Christmas…

As Christmas is coming up I thought you might like to see a selection of the books I draw inspiration from… they may make an excellent stocking filler for yourself or perhaps for a loved one –

Pain free

This book is a must for anyone living with a pain in the (insert your area here). Pete Egoscue has a fantastic, down to earth approach to pain – really that you have caused it by your own health and habits and that you can cure it by altering your ways… It’s not exactly yoga but uses many of the principles and asanas with a matter of fact ‘get off your butt’ manner. Please let me know if you get a copy and follow the advice, I’m always curious to find out how people have got on. Pain Free by Pete Egoscue


My trusty yoga bible – if you only get one yoga book in your life, make it this one. It really does include everything you need to know. Some (about) 10 percent is a little bit bonkers, and really only for those having been brought up in the East with yoga since they were a kid – but the majority is sensible stuff giving plenty of background reading to the topics we cover in class. Asana Pranayama Mudra Bandha by Sw Satyanada Saraswati

Mudras book

If you have enjoyed the mudras we have been working on this year – then this is the one for you. This book is a fabulous course in yoga for the hands and shows all the various mudras and asana practices for overcoming lifes ups and downs. It’s an enjoyable read to pick up and put down besides being a great guide for mudra and meditation. Yoga in you Hands by Gertrud Hirschi

mudras cards

Again by Gertrud Hirschi, this is a pack of 68 cards each containing a mudra and practice – if you have enjoyed these in class then this is a perfect gift for you! I would recommend sorting the cards into the different themes so that you can select a calming practice, for example at night and a more recharging practice in the morning. On the other hand, you could always just chose one and work on that for a month or so… or chose the one that is offering the healing that you require at that time. Endless possibilities! Enjoy Mudras for your body, mind and spirit by Gertrud Hirschi


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