5 Reasons To Have A Bath Today


The much maligned bath has a lot going for it – far from being an outdated element of our bathrooms, we should be bringing them back and giving them pride of place once again. WHY?  you ask – well, grab your towel, turn the taps on and read these 5 reasons while you wait for the tub to fill up…

1 The warmth of the water relaxes tight muscles, releasing tension in the back and the neck or around an injury or strain.

2 The addition of bath salts, creates a sea-like solution.  The salt content of the sea has many therapeutic benefits due to the natural process of osmosis (where a fluid will flow from the least dense to the most dense). Salt water can reduce swelling, reduce muscular pain, reduce rheumatic symptoms and is a great all round, general anti-inflammatory.

3 The warmth of the water opens pores and cleanses the skin – ridding it of a build up of dirt and dead skin cells.

4 Dim lighting or candle light can enhance the experience – making it feel womb like. ‘Shutting off’ the senses in this way – escaping from the world can be helpful to calm the nerves and bring peace to a mind that is overwrought.

5 Fragrance too will help the overall experience – fragrances such as Clary-Sage, Jasmine, Rose and Grapefruit all stimulate the sense of smell and brain giving an uplifting and pain relieving effect.


So the bath is ready, a few drops of your favourite fragrance, candles lit and away you go…. ENJOY!

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Yoga teacher in Stamford, UK, and online

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