Fairy Lights Meditation

fairy lights

If you find yourself with a few quiet minutes over the holidays – don’t just get on with more food prep, washing up or tidying up. Take advantage of a few precious moments – settle yourself with a wonderful vision of your fairy lights, soften your focus and allow yourself time to truly connect with your world…

Sit comfortably upright, softly focus on your fairy lights, allow the breath to be free and easy.

See the lights as individual souls – friends, family, colleagues – collected on a thread, woven through your life.

Consider each as individuals, individual lights that shine out brightly or softly.

Consider what happens when 2 lights meet. Is the light brighter or the same?

With fairy lights, we all know there is a problem… when one bulb goes they all go. Is there an effect like this within your thread of souls?

Widen your gaze to see the whole set of lights on the tree or where they are supported, your whole life glinting and glistening, a woven thread of bright little souls…

All the lights coming together to make one light.


“There is a Knower who experiences everything.

There is a Presence dancing everywhere.

There is a Lover who embraces us all.

I am one with that Light.

I am one with that Power.

I am one with that Love.”


Rest in this peace.

Approach your family and friends with this peace in your heart. Om shanti, shanti, shanti.

Quotation from The Radiance Sutras, Lorin Roche

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