New Hobbies Improve Your Memory

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An interesting piece of research undertaken by Dr Denise Park, neuroscientist in Texas University shows that learning something fairly challenging as a hobby – digital photography for instance – caused overall improvement of memory with long lasting effects.

It is said to work by strengthening the connections between the parts of our brains – keeping all the areas in communication with each other and in good working order. The more complex things we learn the more different aspects of our brains have to work together.

The other aspect found to help our brains is exercise – in fact gentle exercise 45 minutes, 3 times per week is said to increase the volume of the brain assist its function.

All in all the research demonstrated that by keeping learning NEW things and exercising our bodies regularly we can remain healthy and help to ward of mental and degenerative diseases.

Well I was very pleased to hear this as I’m always seeking out new things to learn and teach!

Perhaps this is one of the reasons yogis tend to live long lives. Yoga has a very large scope of practices and philosophy to maintain the interest… from physical exercises to help keep arthritis at bay to learning a new language (Sanskrit) and all the history, anatomy and physiology to boot.

Other suggestions from the study included knitting, quilting and bridge. I would add playing a musical instrument, joining a choir, painting and drawing (esp good for the eye sight) and joining a book club.

Read more about Dr Parks study here

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