A Load of Old Cobblers!

supported supta baddha kon

No not in that way… this posture is called RECLINED COBBLERS POSE  and is a super-duper deluxe resting position. If you are feeling a bit under the weather or need a short ‘hibernation’ to get away from January, simply gather all the pillows off your bed (4), 3 bath towels, a cushion from the sofa, your blanket and a dark scarf.

Ensure the room is plenty warm enough, reduce the lights, try this soothing relaxation music

or use your own piece – ensure it’s about 15 minutes long, and then begin to arrange your ‘nest’.


Place a cushion for your head at one end of the space, then place 2 pillows for your arms running down from the cushion angled outwards. Place the 2 other pillows for your knees to rest on below the ends of the arm pillows. Get into place and ensure the pillow arrangement is comfy. Take one of the bath towels and ‘bind’ your feet together.  Next lay the other 2 folded towels onto your abdomen and your blanket over your body. Finally fold up your scarf and lay it over your eyes. Relax until the music finishes – PURE BLISS.

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