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The Monday classes will begin again on 22nd February. There are 2 classes to chose from ‘YOGA FIT’ – a physically active class of mostly posture work or ‘STRETCH & RELAX’ – a combination of posture work with a deep relaxation to end with. Both classes are 1 hour long and are suitable for beginners or those with some experience of yoga.  These classes will take place at the freshly decorated Tinwell Village Hall, just outside Stamford on the Tinwell Road (turn left at Tinwell Forge). There is a large car park and the hall has soft lighting for relaxation and a wooden floor.  Read on for a sneak peak of what we will be doing during the term…

YOGA FIT – we will study the postures of the classical ‘Sun Salutation’ with an emphasis on alignment and correct posture throughout the flow. Where there are limitations in flexibility to perform the ‘true’ postures we will look at modifications and other useful postures to develop the necessary dexterity in the body to be able to perform a modified version that is safe to work with. There are many benefits to practicing the Sun Salutation including reduction of weight around the middle of the body and balancing the hormones.

STRETCH & RELAX –  in these classes our focus will be on the hands – give us a wave! We’ll work on routines to ward off and give relief to arthritis and carpel tunnel syndrome. There will be some balancing on the hands and feet (Downward Facing Dog, Elephant Twists) and we’ll work through the whole body with simple Elephant Salutes to keep the circulation flowing out to the full extremities of the fingers. Continuing our year-long theme of ‘Freedom’ we will be considering what it might be like to live with restricted use of the hands and how we can use our hands in the service of others. Gratitude will form an important element of our relaxations. We will also have an introduction to the use of Mudras which are ‘seals of energy’ often using different positions of the hands.

Fees are paid at the first class for the term – this term runs from 22nd Feb to 21st March (5 weeks) and costs £30 which works out at £6 per class. You will need to bring your own mat and blanket.  These classes are not suitable for people under 18 years old or those who are pregnant. For examples of the kind of work we do in class you can have a go at home by following along to the free yoga videos and audio relaxations here. Please let me know if you would like to book in by emailing me here or if you know someone who may like to join us please pass on this email.

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