Have a heart…

heart in chest pic

The Yoga and Meditation classes will have a focus on the heart for the last term this year. We’ll be working to improve our circulation and our understanding of the anatomy of the heart. Following on from last terms work on the rib cage we’ll work with practices that transform the ribs from a cage into more of a ‘basket’ – working on a theme of ‘nesting’ or ‘nestling’ the heart at the centre of our physical and emotional body like a small egg in a nest.

Underpinning our asana, pranayama and nidra practices will be developing our knowledge of the heart. We’ll have a look at the actual make up of the heart – where it is, what exactly does it do and the main things that can go wrong.

If you would like to join us for these informative and enjoyable sessions please do get in touch with me to see if there are spaces.

Classes take place

Tuesdays – Preston 6 – 7.30

Wednesdays – Ryhall 10 – 11.30 and 7.15 – 8.45

The cost for the term of 7 weeks is £49

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