Working on our soft side…

ardha chandrasana

This term in the Yoga Fit classes we’ll be working with one of the moon postures (Ardha Chandrasana). Our flow will be a kneeling selection of postures and we’ll work up to the classical vinyasa called the Moon Sequence. This type of asana is very good for the hips, shoulders and is very helpful for our respiratory system. From a psychological view point the postures are great for building confidence – as we show our ‘soft side’, getting used to revealing the more vulnerable areas of our body. The moon is the symbol of femininity and this pose helps us to get in touch with all things feminine.

Yoga is about balance – with the longest day on it’s way we can feel a bit out of kilter – or perhaps a sense of trying to fit too much into each day. The nights are short and this may mean we don’t get enough rest… Our practice of the Moon Sequence is a way of redressing this balance.

Classes take place at Tinwell Village Hall 6 – 7 on Monday evenings from June 6th – July 18th. If you would like to come along please contact me to see if there is space available.

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