Take a Look at Your Posture…

postural alignment

Have you seen your posture recently???

Well you’ve heard of the saying ‘You are what you eat’… well here’s a new one for you ‘Good posture is good health’!

Poor posture can happen as a result of accident or injury to the body, but usually happens to us all as we age due mainly to bad habits. Sitting for long periods each day, (at a desk, in the car, watching tv) cause the core muscles to weaken. This results in tight, achy muscles in the back, shoulders, arms and legs which then lead to a multitude of niggles and ailments. As the process goes on our breathing, circulation and heart can all become affected.

Is it time to have a look at your posture???

Bowen therapist Caroline Dabbs and myself have come up with an informative 3 hour ‘clinic’ where we’ll take 8 people and, working in groups and individually, we’ll check over your posture and give you personal treatments and a programme to follow for improvement. You’ll receive  ‘before’ and ‘after’ photographs direct to your email so that you can see your posture for yourself and the difference that Yoga and Bowen therapy can make.

During the 3 hour clinic you’ll also receive –

– Information about your skeleton

– An ‘anti-gravity’ Yoga class

– 1-2-1 Bowen therapy

– 1-2-1 Yoga therapy

The workshops are available at


13th August 2016 10 – 1

10th September 2016 2 – 5

8th October 2016 10 – 1

The cost for the workshop is £50 per session, payable in cash or check with your booking.

Interested in doing something about your posture??? Get in touch and book your place now.



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