Summer Reading Guide

Here is a selection of books that have inspired and informed my teaching this year.

Each of them would make a super present (to yourself) – second hand copies are usually available on Amazon so check those out and take one on holiday with you for a super blissful time!

Learn to Relax – Mike George

This is a gem of a book with marvellous suggestions for practice.  It is beautifully illustrated and will make a super present or coffee table book to dip in and out of. Excellent for reading on a plane or beach.

The Radiance Sutras – Lorin Roche

This wonderful book is full of luscious verses to inspire meditation practice. It takes you through a series of ‘banters’ which are conversations about how the breath works and how to find deep peace within. The second sections is a series of explanations about the meanings of Sanskrit terms and meditations to reflect upon them. A truly inspirational book of great value and meaning for those interested in seeking peace within.

Mudras; yoga in your hands – Gertrud Hirschi

This book offers a comprehensive guide to mudras (seals of energy). We have practiced many throughout the year and you will be able to extend and develop your knowledge with this guide. Mudras are a way to deepen meditation and asana practice bringing you truly and deeply in touch with your self and energy.

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