The Dalai Lama’s Cat – David Michie

If you are looking for a good book, then I thoroughly recommend this one!

It was leant to me by one of my lovely students and it has been a super read. It is a novel written from the perspective of a cat with subtle messages of how to live a happy, gentle and kind life.

“Even though cats spend most of the day dozing comfortably, we like our humans to keep busy. Not in a noisy or intrusive way – just active enough to entertain us during those periods when we choose to remain awake.  Why else do you think most cats have a favourite theatre seat – a preferred spot on a windowsill, porch, gatepost, or cupboard top? Don’t you realise, dear reader, that you are our entertainment?”

Everyone should read it (even dog lovers), our darling little cat takes us through the agonies of weight gain, aggression and  ego in very down to earth positive ways.

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