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Over our lives many changes mean that we have to alter our eating habits… pregnancy, loss of income, children leaving home, periods of living alone to mention but a few. Throughout these changes it is important not to lose sight of the fact that ‘we are what we eat’. Dietary neglect is often the root cause of more serious and life threatening health issues. Diabetes (type 2) has been in the news recently, not at all surprising to me, for the alarming requirement of 10% of the NHS funds. And of course how does Diabetes (type 2) begin? With poor dietary choice.

Create long lasting, healthy eating habits for yourself by considering the yogic principle of Prana – Life Force. Most of us get our Life Force (Prana) through eating food. Those who have a regular Pranayama practice will be gaining the benefits of better oxygenation, therefore more Prana via the breathing process (and therefore less requirement via food). So the question before eating a meal or a snack is ‘How much Prana is this going to give me?’ The answer is that the more alive your food is then the more Prana it will give you. Fresh fruit and vegetables, ripened by the sun are brimming over with juicy life force and energy. Any products that are dead or have been pre-prepared must have preservatives added to them and therefore will have less Prana. Seed and nuts are capsules containing the energy to grow and are therefore considered to have plenty of Prana. Interestingly, beer, wine and cheese also are considered to be full of Prana. (Those Yogis knew how to live!)

So the top tip is to chose foods that will fill you up with Prana and therefore fill you up with energy.

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