3 asana to help boost immunity

If you have already contracted a cold or flu type bug it’s best not to practice yoga asana – rest in Savasana and listen to a relaxation tape, letting go of any anxieties or tension in the body.

If you are feeling OK and everyone around you is going down with something – then you could try these 3 postures which will help your immunity system to fight off the bugs.

Downward Dog

Improves circulation to the head, sinus, throat etc. Hold for 5 – 10 breaths so that you can relax into the pose and allow the gravitational forces to take effect.

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Use a gentle version of this back bend to open up the chest and airways. Cobra has many other benefits for the immune system including lessening the effects of stress and fatigue. Practice twice for up to 5 breath, feel the length through the spine, release shoulders away from the ears.

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Legs up the wall

Take your time to set up for this relaxing pose. It will help to refresh your whole being. In particular improving circulation to the head to bring relief from that ‘thick head’ or congested sensation. This will also ease away stress and anxiety, thus calming the nervous system. Stay for 5 – 10 minutes. (Actually pretty good after a day of Christmas shopping too)

Image result for benefits of legs up the wall


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