Improving Your Balance

Balancing on one leg is very good for us – it strengthens the standing leg and also helps our sense of balance (which relies on a complex relationship between your senses – in particular your vestibular system in the inner ear). Like all things yoga – the more we do it the better we get.

It’s very, very easy to practice balance – take the tree pose (below) while you wait for the kettle to boil or the dinner to cook. You can practice with or without arms, so no one will really know what you are doing.

Image result for tree pose beginners

As you get better – and you will surprisingly quickly – why not try a little challenge? Practice the 15 minute sequence below next to a wall (after a little warm up of Sun Salutes or at the very least some cat/cow spinal bends). Regular practice of balance will help you to avoid the possible falls and bone fracture associated unfortunately with getting older. So – don’t delay, begin today Improving Your Balance!


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