Carol goes for The Big Sleep Out



On the night of December 2nd my husband, Jules, and I together with one of our sons, will be sleeping in a cardboard box, outside, whatever the cold winter weather. No, we won’t have become homeless ourselves by that date (fortunately) but we will be joining with hundreds of others for the 2016 Big Sleepout, organised by Trinity Homeless Projects. Trinity provides day services, housing, coaching, training, work placements and support to move-on. This year they will house 275 people, all with no government funding.

Whenever we visit any city or town, we are always astounded and saddened by how many (mostly young ) people are sleeping on the streets.  The facts that we are fortunate enough to have never experienced the horrors of this and  we make our living largely from the housing market, made us wish to do something to help highlight awareness of this problem and to help raise funds towards the wonderful and practical work carried out by Trinity Homeless Projects. Sleeping outside in the freezing cold in a cardboard box isn’t likely to be a pleasant experience but we know that we shall be experiencing only a fraction of what so many people in our country experience every night. We shall be safe and shall know  that we have hundreds of people around us. Most of all, we know that we shall be  there out of choice. I can’t even begin to imagine how it must feel being vulnerable, painfully alone, and with no other option. I don’t think any of us could truly imagine it, unless we actually experienced it for real. That is why we are  so passionate about combating homelessness and supporting the  work of  Trinity.

If you are able to support us in these efforts, our Just Giving web-link page and the link to details of the event are below. A  massive thank you in advance and thank you to all those who have already contributed and supported us. Every contribution, every penny, helps and will be put to good practical use.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

With kind regards,

Carol Lee
Senior Consultant Solicitor and Notary Public
Member of the Law Society Property Section

Setfords Solicitors
Direct line: 01572 453101

Izzie Miccolis (Secretary to Carol Lee): 01572 490270

Sarah Pembleton (Residential Conveyancing Manager for Carol Lee):  01664 491412

Fax: 01483 300487

Meeting rooms at Uppingham and Oakham

Setfords Solicitors

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