Saithalyasana (Animal Resting Pose)


Sit on your mat with the legs outstretched. Carefully bend the right knee and place the sole of the foot against the inside of the left thigh.  Carefully bend the left knee and place the left heel to the outside of the left buttock. Turn your torso to the right and take a breath in, as you exhale walk the hands down either side of the right leg, lowering yourself down over the bent leg. Fold forward as far as is comfortable, making any adjustments to the position of your legs. Relax into the posture for around 5 breaths before coming out on the inhale, walking the hands back upwards to return to an upright seated posture.

Outstretch the legs once more and then begin with the left leg, carefully repeating the posture to the left side.

This is a great asana (posture) to stretch the back and pelvic region, it opens the hip joints and stretches the thighs. The abdominal organs are gently massaged (as you get lower down in the posture over time) which helps the digestive system. It is a great preparation pose for meditation postures, quieting the mind and opening the hip joints.

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