The Key to Weight Loss


As we age – even just getting past 30 – the pounds seem to creep on.  It isn’t a myth, age related weight gain happens due to a variety of reasons – we become less active than our younger selves, we have more stress, and we tend to have less muscle mass. So the middle age spread occurs. Remember these key points –

80% of weight loss relies on a reduction of calories (food or drink, yes dry white wine does count)

20% is down to toning

Therefore the key to weight loss has to lie in what, or the amount that, you are eating and drinking. Find ways to become interested in what you put into your body – keep a diary, be mindfull when you eat (not sitting in front of tv or having a row with your kids), keep the mood calm so your digestion can process food properly, and make your food a special occasion not just ‘fodder’.

Relax often, use CDs or online guided relaxation (find some here) and get your full 8 hours of sleep. Recent studies have shown that people make bad food choices when they are tired and often would not eat at all if they had had sufficient sleep.

A good question to ask when reaching for that biscuit is ‘Am I really hungry?’ or ‘am I just thirsty?’ or ‘am I just bored?’

Another good solution to hunger pangs is to get your yoga mat out and tackle some core posture work – yogic bicycles, alternate straight leg lifts, boat pose or plank. These will not only tone the superficial layers of muscle but will actually work on the deep muscle tissues as well. In turn this will distract your mind from wanting to eat/drink and help you to feel good about yourself. It can be good to have your own yoga routine to turn to – a 1-2-1 yoga session will provide you with exactly that – a routine to target the specific areas that you want to tone up.

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