Yogafit – Spring term 2017


As part of our year long goal to improve our CORE we’ll be developing the Sun Salutation to include Cobra posture (the backward bending helps to strengthen the back muscles). We will introduce a ‘Salute to the Heaven and Earth’ which entails stretching upwards to the sun and then placing the hands and forehead onto the earth – moving slowly of course and developing technique and correct stature as the weeks progress. We will be balancing on the sit bones (bottom) to practice variations of the Boat posture (pictured) – this is a traditional way of improving the abdominal muscles. A new posture for this term will be the ‘Hare’ which is an inversion that gets us used to resting some weight on the crown of the head. It isn’t suitable to practice for anyone with neck problems and students with shoulder or back issues must proceed with caution – but as you know by now, all new postures are introduced carefully so as not to be a ‘shock to the system’ – this is the way of yoga, to improve our wellbeing gradually and steadily so that it can be maintained.

If you are interested in joining us this term, please book a place here

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