Partner yoga allows you to gain a another dimension to the usual yoga practice. It’s way more fun and far easier! And a great way to start yoga.

If you want to get the maximum out of yoga with the minimum effort  – then try partner yoga. By using each other for heat, motivation, anatomy analysis, and not to mention physical support, every aspect of the yoga class benefits. Getting stronger, relaxing deeper, releasing tension mentally and physically, letting go and opening onto another level.

In this new workshop we’ll warm up by sitting back to back with a partner. In an instant you’ll be asking yourself why you haven’t tried this before. The heat from the other persons back warms you with no effort at all. The spine feels better already – back ache? What back ache? And then we begin to move – very gently – communicating at all times with our partner (remember you can’t see them).  And so the class goes on, twisting, balancing, watching, supporting, encouraging, learning all done in the spirit of fun and investigation.

We’ll spend the first hour with gentle poses easing tension from the body with the focus on the back, neck and shoulders. Afterwards taking a relaxation exercise based on the Buddhist Metta Meditation (sending our thoughts out to those we love, don’t mind and finally don’t really like). Seeing the benefits of sharing our practice with a partner helps our comprehension that we are not alone, we are all in ‘it’ together and this is felt on many levels.

Following a short coffee + biscuit break we’ll begin to work developing more supported standing and balancing postures. Focusing on the alignment of the body and where support can be used. We’ll then take a breathing practice helping to balance our energy before reclining into Shavasana, relaxation, in a practice that will imbue a sense of deep peace and connection with all humanity.

You can come with a partner or find one at the workshop. You’ll have the option of working alone at any time if you prefer. The workshop is designed as a gentle, heart opening practice and will leave you feeling stretched, relaxed, deeply nourished and truly a part of one world!

As space is limited, early booking is recommended. You can book your place by emailing me here.

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Yoga teacher in Stamford, UK, and online

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