Yoga in 2022

Our focus this term will be on the Fire element. After re-capping the Earth and Water elements we’ll move on to learn about Fire and its effect upon us. The Sun is the central feature of this element and we’ll continue to work with the Sun Salutes. Transformation is the key – how things burn and become something else… This relates to our digestive system – sometimes referred to as Agni ‘the digestive fire’ . We’ll be stretching and strengthening the abdominal area with back bending and abdominal breathing.

When our digestive fires burn well our food is transformed into energy – making us feel alive and ready for anything. Our posture is vital – standing tall and moving about gently enables the stomach and intestines to work properly. When these activities are in balance there’s no need for diet restrictions or any sense of deprivation. It’s a very positive approach to all-round well being.

Here’s a short video to demonstrate one of the basic back bending postures we’ll do in class. If you can practice this at home a little, it will help to strengthen your back muscles and stretch your abdominal area too. This will, in turn, get the digestive fire burning brightly making you feel full of energy!

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