Top Tip for Healthy Eating

Over our lives many changes mean that we have to alter our eating habits… pregnancy, loss of income, children leaving home, periods of living alone to mention but a few. Throughout these changes it is important not to lose sight of the fact that ‘we are what we eat’. Dietary neglect is often the rootContinue reading “Top Tip for Healthy Eating”

Is it the right time to detox…?

At this time of year it’s  not uncommon to feel a bit down in the dumps. Seasonal Adjustment Disorder (SAD) is now accepted as a real ‘thing’ and it is thought that the lack of day light hours effects our brains to makes us feel this way. (So it’s not just me then!!) Coupled withContinue reading “Is it the right time to detox…?”


In today’s world of convenience and speed we can lose out on using our hands, fingers, arms and shoulders. By adding simple tasks into our daily routine we are not only preserving the mobility of many joints and muscles but are also slowing down the pace of information into our brains to ‘take a momentContinue reading “YOGA FOR YOUR HANDS AND STOMACH”