Feeling Exhausted?

Yoga teaches us that if we feel exhausted or simply the idea of something makes us feel exhausted, it is a sign that we have depleted our energy or ‘prana’.  Make time for yourself to recharge your batteries, to rebuild your strength and refill your reserves.  Some time out disengaged from the world will enableContinue reading “Feeling Exhausted?”

Retreat, Relax, Refresh

I was at a retreat over the weekend (Dec 1-2nd) with some very special yoga teachers called ‘Swamis’.  It was a wonderful 48 hour immersion into deep yoga practices.  The focus of our work was the Chakras – energy centres which the ancient yogis sensed within the body that correspond uncannily to the endocrine system. Continue reading “Retreat, Relax, Refresh”

Putting things into perspective…

Sometimes looking at situations from a different angle can help you put things into perspective… Imagine your inner child – what would they think of your situation?  What could they see that you don’t?  What fun would they illicit from the way things have turned out?  How can you be more playful in your dayContinue reading “Putting things into perspective…”

You are a being of unbounded potential – Smile & Shine!

Sit with a posture that reflects your intention, Which is to align with the true, abundant nature of life. Inhale and grow taller. Exhale and soften to feel beyond your skin. Inhale to brighten on the inside, Shine your awareness into your whole being. Exhale and let go of any limiting ideas. Continue with yourContinue reading “You are a being of unbounded potential – Smile & Shine!”