Unconditional Love

Most often our love is conditional – based upon whether our loved ones behave the way we want them to.  Whether this is supporting us in our own endeavours or being someone we think they should be.  Perhaps your child is taking their GCSE exams over the next couple of months or your partner still hasn’t got roundContinue reading “Unconditional Love”

How do I breathe?

If you can’t make it to the first week back, you may like to have a go at the following inquiry… Quite a bit of our work this term will be influenced by Donna Farhi’s “The Breathing Book”.  This exercise is adapted from the book. You will need a scrap of paper to write down the questionsContinue reading “How do I breathe?”

Improve Your Breathing Capacity

Hasta Utthanasana (hand raising pose) Begin this exercise standing in the correct alignment.  Feet under knees, knees under the hips.  Hips in neutral, shoulders feel relaxed and the head balanced. Place the hands right on top of left in front of the body as in the first diagram. As you inhale, raise the hands up in frontContinue reading “Improve Your Breathing Capacity”


In class this term we are shining a light on the often overlooked workhorse of the body – the digestive system. This mudra (hand gesture or seal) is the ‘gesture of unshakable trust’ – we hold it in front of the heart and repeat a mantra.  The one I have selected to end our practice is:Continue reading “VAJRAPRADAMA MUDRA”

Karma – what you think, say and do

LOKAH SAMASTA SUKHINO BHAVANTU – chant for week 5 (4/2/13) This translates to, “May all beings, everywhere, be happy and free.  And may the thoughts and actions of my own life contribute, in some way, to that happiness and to that freedom for all.” I have sung it as part of a longer chant –Continue reading “Karma – what you think, say and do”

Salutations to the Sun

I hope that you have enjoyed our work with Surya Namaskara this half term.  It is a basic sequence designed to be a great warm up either for our yoga practice or first thing in the morning… There are many benefits to this ‘vinyasa’ or sequence of postures – it stimulates and balances all the systemsContinue reading “Salutations to the Sun”


Unblocking Vital Energy – Swami Vishnudevananda The increase of energy or prana is a main motivation for the practice of asanas (posture work).  While you hold a posture, pressure builds up in certain areas of the body which are physical counterparts of major meridian crossing points.  Whether it is a pressure between the body andContinue reading “THE POWER OF POSTURE WORK”